Cole Wealth Management, LLC​
The Cole Wealth Management Financial Planning Process

To ensure you will have the highest probability of reaching your financial goals, CWM follows a simple, yet comprehensive "needs based" financial planning process.  "Needs based" basically means we build your financial plan around you and your unique needs.  We come into this process with no preconceived ideas, notions or expectations.  Everything we present will be personally tailored, giving you the best opportunity to reach your specific financial goals.  Our financial planning process is outlined below: 

  1. Identify Specific Goals & Objectives
  2. Gather Information
  3. Analyze & Diagnose
  4. Propose Solutions
  5. Implement Appropriate Action Steps
  6. Review Progress Annually 

CWM begins the Financial Planning Process by first identifying your specific financial goals and objectives.  From there we gather the personal information needed to understand your current financial picture. Next, we analyze and determine the strengths and gaps that exist between the desired path to your goals and your current path.  At this point in the process, we will propose the most prudent solutions available to take advantage of your strengths, sure up the gaps and put you on track to reaching your financial goals.  Once you clearly understand your options, we will then implement the action steps you feel most comfortable with.  After your initial plan is implemented, it is essential to review your progress every year.  Frequently confirming the advancement toward your goals will not only give us the highest probability of achieving them, but will give you ongoing peace of mind, knowing that you are consistently doing the best you can for yourself financially.

Financial Planning